Maya Hoang
Founder of Twisted

I am Maya and I am currently a software engineer. With all the extreme environmental events that have taken place over the past few years, I became more concerned and am motivated to make a difference. Every year in the UK, 350.000 tonnes of still wearable clothing goes to landfill. Whilst charity donation and reselling unwanted clothes remain popular options, many people, especially working professionals with busy lifestyles don’t have time to dispose of their clothes properly and are not aware of where their clothes end up after disposing or donating. Twisted was found to offer a convenient solution to give unwanted clothes another life. It is a service that collects clothes and upcycle them into unique household items such as floor mats, pillows or home decor items. We then either resell them to their owners at a cheaper price or to new owners. Twisted’s customers will get small rewards when giving away their unwanted clothes and be informed of how their clothes are recycled.