Sarah Gatefield
Founder of Lily's Cafe and Bar

When I first moved to London in 2008, I was welcomed into the lesbian community. Since then, hate crimes have increased, a staggering 58% of LGBTQ+ spaces have been lost, and there is currently only one lesbian bar in all of Soho! Lily’s Cafe and Bar is an inclusive women-focused queer space where these groups will see themselves represented. As a bar and a cafe, they will be able to sell their own products, and as a space, they will be able to put on events for their communities and amazing allies. A circular economic system will be at the heart of the business through promoting reusable cups, sourcing food from local farmers and bakers, and composting food waste, and we will support events such as bicycle repair workshops, and clothing and electrical swapshops. I wish to give back to my community by building a sense of identity through place and people, and, by following a circular economy, we will be contributing to a better future for our planet.