Connect 100 – Kairos World Conversation Week
7 April 2015 - Impact Hub Member

Between the 15th and 22nd May, Impact Hub King’s Cross member Peter Baily, and his team, are initiating 100 conversations worldwide between charities/social enterprises and leadership coaches.

The initiative, Connect 100, is part of The Kairos Project social mission – to make leadership coaching and development accessible to charities and social enterprises worldwide.

We are looking to connect 100 CEOs of small to medium-sized charities and social enterprises, anywhere in the world, with 15 highly talented leadership coaches over a week – pro bono. All conversations will be 1 hour by skype or phone.

We believe that charities & social enterprises and coaches are two powerful agents of change and that they are set to do some great work together. They are both focused on making a difference – both in the world and in the heart and soul of our local and global communities. These two know each other, but not well.

So these 100 conversations will open up a two-way exchange of understanding and learning. From the participant – a deeper understanding of leadership coaching and its impact on individuals, teams and organizations. From the coach – a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges of charities and social enterprises worldwide.

If you are interested in connecting with one of our leadership coaches in May, please sign up on our website

Or if you know any charity that may want to participate, please forward our website address:

Or call me, Peter Baily, directly for more information on +44 (0)7712531010


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