Accelerating Czech enterprises in London

The Czech Invest Accelerator is for Czech enterprises who want to make a mark in London.

The three-month acceleration program will support entrepreneurs via mentoring, consulting and intellectual property protection services, and networking.

Who is it for?


– the form of a legal entity

– one to seven years in operation

– maximum 50 employees

–  headquarters in the Czech Republic and operations outside of Prague

–  innovative existing product/service

–  potential to successfully commercialize their product in the destination

–  high growth potential

How it works

Meet the teams of 2018


In 2016 Expando started programming their own software which reports on product performance and tracks orders from multiple feeds all in one place. They named their software XENA, after their favorite childhood heroine. This application is able to do a real-time synch of prices, stock, products, and orders. With the click of a button, the application displays real time data for making strategic decisions and optimizing your return on investment on Amazon.

czech invest accelerator hardwario


Hardwario help people to boost their Internet of Things Innovations. They do this by offering support in Hardware. They can help you with hardware at both the prototype stage, as well as when it becomes massed produced Software. From firmware to cloud integrations, they can work with you to address your specific needs.