Cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset of students

The EDUCCKATE project is an 18-month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture. The project aims to develop an innovative training and mentored internship scheme for the support of Higher Education Institutions and businesses, the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindset of students and graduates and the promotion of entrepreneurship.


EDUCCKATE provides the students and graduates of cultural and creative majors with access to businesses in the sector as well as opportunities to develop business projects & discover new professional routes.


Also, it benefits Higher Education institutions through their connection with small to medium sized enterprises with the aim of developing new customised products or services with commercial value based on academic research and knowledge. 

The EDUCCKATE objectives are based on 3 pillars

To facilitate mutual exchange of academic & business knowledge

A partnership between and within Higher Education Institutions, creative & cultural business, students/graduates & stakeholders in 7 countries supported direct links between academic & business worlds for the exchange of knowledge.

Give access to the business world in order to prepare tomorrow’s creative and cultural entrepreneurs.

Business thinking is something that needs to be learnt by mastering specific business competences and face-to-face contact with practitioners.

This project identifies the entrepreneurial competences most relevant to the creative & cultural sectors and developed specialised training material to upskill students and graduates.

To support sustainability of of creative and cultural entrepreneurship

Academic staff involved in this project will be trained given specialised mentoring training as well as training in entrepreneurial competences. This way the project will be able to continue after the project has ended.

EDUCCKATE has been developed by a transnational consortium specifically set up for the purpose of implementing the project. It involves eleven (11) partners from seven (7) EU Member States with complementary expertise. 

Creating impact by supporting businesses for good

We offer a variety of programmes at a local, national and international level. These programmes are aimed at people who want to start or scale up.