Essential Thinking Before You Market Anything
25 June 2016 - Gabrielle Bey

The Pre-Thinking Before Marketing Action: Getting all Your Ducks in a Row

“I need to do my marketing. I know I have to work on my social media and make a few tweaks on my website…”

Many people seem to think that marketing equates to ticking a couple of standard boxes with social media being a must-have in these days and age. As marketing agents would tell you, clients often rush to cover all the channels deemed important before even making up their minds on what they want to convey.

Marketing is essentially about effectively communicating a message to a target group of audience in order to ignite interest and generate engagement. Rather than cover all bases, it is about choosing where to focus your effort to maximise your effectiveness. While a lot can be said about giving people what you think they want, it all starts with you and what your business is about.

Any engagement begins with a connection and what compels connection the most is authenticity. Yes, I know “authenticity” seems like a tired word these days but it is only because we do not have enough of it. Despite the changes in business landscapes and technology, humans still connect in the same way we have for millions of years. We are moved by realness.

In their early days, the founders of innocent drinks created a following for their products simply by communicating with their customers the way that felt most natural to them. They stood out for engaging their customers with friendliness and humour, and that is the brand personality they have managed to retain for the last seventeen years, even after selling 90% of the company to Coca-Cola.

Before launching any marketing effort, get clarity on what you want to achieve with your business given your personal values, purpose and passion. Think of how you want to engage with the right people that will help realise your vision. And most importantly, what would make marketing exciting for you?

If you would like some help with these elements of pre-marketing, come to my clinic on 12th July  where I will help you get the message right in order to connect and move your audience with authenticity. Together we will also choose the marketing strategies that you will most enjoy doing because you cannot excite your audience unless you yourself are excited by what you have to say and how you say it!

By Chi Phan

Chi is a communication & events consultant and a member-host at IHKC, she also runs the monthly Pre-marketing clinics. Visit her website to learn more