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How to Architect A Content-Led Digital Marketing Strategy (members only)

Jan 22nd
11:00 - 13:00
How to Architect A Content-Led Digital Marketing Strategy (members only)

Digital marketing specialist DJ from Rainbow Dragon Digital will teach you his approach to marketing, designed to be not only more effective, but also have more longevity than ‘quick win’ and more devious approaches.

He will explain 5 steps towards creating a content-led approach, teaching you some important concepts to keep front-of-mind when composing a strategy as the ‘business owner’ that works for your existing and future target markets.

By the end of the session, you should have worked through a number of exercises. These will help you gain some clarity on how to focus on the marketing that matters for your business and create a plan that will form a solid foundation for your ongoing marketing efforts.

Join us on Fri 22 January, 11am-1pm (UK time) / 2pm-4pm (Moscow time)

Please note this is event is open to members only.



Daljeet (or as he’s better known, DJ) is an entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist focused on content marketing approaches. He spent his early career as a freelance SEO copywriter and co-founding a social network for travellers. He then spent 6 years as Marketing Manager at Growth Idea Limited, grounding his creativity with the practical application to business needs within SMEs. This was underneath one of the world’s top 30 coaching professionals, Shweta Jhajharia, working with and training the firm’s 100+ coaching clients on marketing matters, while also leading the marketing team across her own portfolio of businesses. He also co-founded and currently runs another business providing drag performance entertainment, Dragged Around London. He founded Rainbow Dragon Digital to embark on a mission to help entrepreneurs who are working on innovative, ethical and sustainable projects to help them tell their stories to the people who matter to them.

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