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Complex Problem Solving Workshop

Jun 29th
14:00 - 19:00

Acquire skills by solving complex problems

Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast is the advice given by the American author Tom Peters in his bestseller “In Search of Excellence” to all those who are committed to strive for excellent results in their organization or business. He continues – Make mistakes, and make them fast, how else do you think you will learn?

A situation well known to entrepreneurs. But which skills are important for those who work in loosely structured environments and are often confronted with complexity and problems to manage and solve? How can these skills be measured and which elements in the organization of the workplace and of their personal assets can help them to improve?


By participating in this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Test and receive a personalized assessment of your level of complex problem solving ability
  • Learn about and discuss the latest scientific findings on the relationship between problem solving, risk attitude, learning
  • Discuss with your peers entrepreneurs, under the guidance of two experts, how to structure and improve your work organization and your learning skills



1400 – 1435 Welcome | Introduction and Roadmap | Problem Solving

1435 – 1650 Problem solving test (individual, on tablet) | Debriefing

1705 – 1810 Discussion session | Brainstorming in teams and discussion guided by Jakob

1810 – 1830 Conclusions


Your personalized test results will be available online and in anonymized form about three weeks after the workshop. The data provided during the test will be used for scientific purposes (also in anonymized form).
Your participation in this workshop will help advance scientific research.
Thank you!


Who we are?

The workshop is based on the results of the research project “LLLight’in’Europe”, which since 2012 has been focussing on the skills of problem solving and their relation to occupations, risk and learning. The results of the project support companies and entrepreneurs, as well as the European Commission, with guidance on strategy and policy measures to take in order to use problem solving in the acquisition of skills.

Jakob Mainert is research assistant and PhD student at University of Luxembourg. He studied Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Humboldt University Berlin and worked for the Max Planck Institute in Berlin and the University St. Gallen, Switzerland. His research interests are cognitive capacities and their relationship to occupational performance and innovation.


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