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Branding clinic

Feb 24th
10:00 - 14:00

Are you uncertain if your brand is communicating the right messages to your target audience?

The Impact Hub King’s Cross Branding clinic is designed to help social enterprises begin to understand the current state of their brand and look at its potential for their business. They are run in partnership with Miho Aishima, founder and Creative Director of Aishima.

About Aishima

Aishima is an innovative brand and design studio working together with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to create original idea-led solutions. Its specialist areas include: brand research, name generation, brand identity, print and web design, publications and marketing. For more information on Aishima, please visit their website –www.aishima.co.uk.

Miho has over a decade of experience in working with clients to create beautifully-considered brands. Starting from the initial research, positioning and development phases, she leads the team through to final, strategy-led executions. She has a thorough understanding of the ever-changing landscape of current branding and its potential for an organization.


The 45 minute sessions are designed to help you review your current branding and to provide advice on how you can get your branding to work better for your business.

Time slots will be strictly observed. If a slot becomes free through cancellation/tardiness, it will be made available on a first come, first served basis.

To register for a session, please fill in this form to request a place at the Branding Clinic.

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