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The Branding Clinic

Jan 23rd
8:30 - 10:00
Impact Hub King's Cross

The Impact Hub King’s Cross Branding clinic is designed to help social enterprises begin to understand the current state of their brand and look at its potential for their business. They are run in partnership with Miho Aishima, am Impact Hub King’s Cross member and a senior designer at Superunion.

About Superunion
Superunion is a global brand agency combining high-level business understanding and wide-ranging capabilities with a deeply held optimism about the power of creativity to improve the future of people and organisations.
Miho has over a decade of experience in working with clients to create beautifully-considered brands. Starting from the initial research, positioning and development phases, she works with the team through to final, strategy-led executions. She has a thorough understanding of the ever-changing landscape of current branding and its potential for an organization.

The 25-minute sessions are designed to help you review your current branding and to provide advice on how you can get your branding to work better for your business. You will receive a short report at the end of the session with advice and tips to develop your brand further.
Time slots will be strictly observed. If a slot becomes free through cancellation/tardiness, it will be made available on a first come, first served basis.

‘What was useful was it gave me a structure to think through where I am at and helped me to see where the gaps are in my strategic thinking. It was definitely a useful starting session to help me understand what I need to do next and you gave me some useful starting tips such as writing things down! – which I haven’t yet got round to but will!’- Debbie

‘Wow, Miho was just great. Calm, incredibly knowledgeable and it was obvious she actually cared. All of her recommendations was backed by giving profound reasons as to why. When oneis a solo founder as I am, it is all to easy to over think thins.I have implemented everything she suggested which has resulted in much cleaner site/brand with a clear message and call to action. Highly, highly recommend.’ – Ingrid

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