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Breaking Bread: Diversity and Collaboration

Apr 6th
8:15 - 9:15

Why bother about diversity when discussing collaboration?

Join us on the 6th of April for our 2nd morning discussion, organised as part of the “Breaking Bread” series of meaningful conversations around socially important issues. 

Did you know that the highest levels of biodiversity in nature are observed on the edges between one ecosystem and another? These are areas where different species meet and interact, combining characteristics of each biological group as well having their own unique array of features and species.

There are also cultural transitional areas, where two or more cultures converge and interact. They are similarly culturally rich and diverse, exhibiting features of each of the cultural groups. Research suggests that this results in an increase in cultural capital, as well as creativity and resilience, because of a greater knowledge and wisdom on which inhabitants of these transitional areas can draw, especially in times of stress and change.

So what does this mean for us, humans, and how can we use these observations made in nature to improve how we collaborate, innovate and progress as society?


We will be joined by Dan Sherratt from MyKindaFuture, an organisation that helps connect young people with business to enable them to secure a first foothold into a career and to ensure industry has the talent pipeline it needs for future growth. Dan will help us kick off the discussion about the relationship between diversity and collaboration by introducing the outcomes of their recently launched report of Socially Responsible Recruitment.

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