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Build a Powerful Purposeful Brand in 4 Steps

Oct 26th
11:00 - 11:45
Build a Powerful Purposeful Brand in 4 Steps

What is a brand? Is it simply our logo that we stick on our website and social media? Or is it something more?

Join Will Saunders, founder ethical design studio Good Will Studios. He helps Ethical Entrepreneurs, Accidental Business People, and ‘Polite Rebels’ who have realised that there is more to business than simply profit. Will works with those who are harnessing the machinery of business and the entrepreneurial mindset to create something that solves a real problem in the world. From companies creating innovative childcare enrichment programs, to apps that track and measure wildlife and the health of ecosystems, he loves to collaborate with social enterprises and businesses with a social or environmental purpose.


About the event

In this 45 minute session, Will draws from 15 years of creative industry experience and will talk you through the brand-building framework he uses to help his clients cut through confusion, harness the authentic stories that lie within, and weave these elements into a power brand that truly expresses your values and resonates with your ideal audience.

Whether you’re just starting out and wanting to lay the first foundation stone of your brand, or whether you want to scale your business and grow your impact, this workshop will help you discover the 4 steps that you need to take to create a powerful brand that can change the world.


  • 30 minutes presentation
  • 15 minutes Q&A

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