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Communicating Better in the Team

Apr 21st
19:00 - 20:00
Communicating Better in the Team

The foundation for good communication in teams is understanding each others unique and different communication and leadership styles.

In this course you will learn about different leadership and communication styles in teams and learn what to take into account for each team member to leverage their strengths whilst simultaneously adapting to the communication and leadership styles of other team members.


Course outline

• The different communication styles in teams
• Characteristics of each communications style
• How to leverage ones unique communication style whilst simultaneously adapting to others´

Who is this course for?

This course is for ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work and eager to make a bigger impact, either to their profession or work, or to society at large locally, regionally, nationally or globally.


Workshop details:

Wed 21 April, 7pm.




About the Facilitator:

This event is facilitated by Vegard Olsen. Vegard is founder of coachingpartner. Coachingpartner teams up with other impact leaders and organisations to help changemakers and game-changers transform their work and business.

Vegard holds an MSc in Management and has 10 years experience working as a team leader and senior consultant as well as 9 years working as a leadership coach.

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