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Empathy, Conflict, Collaboration and Nonviolent Communication

Aug 17th
18:00 - 21:00

Empathy, Conflict, Collaboration and Nonviolent Communication

Conflict, misunderstandings, polemic conversations and inability to truly listen to each other are unfortunately deeply ingrained in today’s culture. Brexit and the US elections are just some of the symptoms of this cultural conditioning, however if we look closely these symptoms are also present more subtly at work and in our intimate relationships.


This workshop is for those who want to find another way, a way of listening and relating that:

  • Promotes understanding, empathy and genuine collaboration when faced with opposing opinions

  • Bridges difference and reminds us of our commonality and humanity

  • Transform conflict into deeper mutual understanding

  • Increases our sense of connection to ourselves and others


Essential for anyone who wants to participate in the construction of a world that takes better care of all its inhabitants.

Gift Economy

I offer this workshop in the principles of gift economy because I want to support people to deepen their contribution to the world and wish for this to be available to people regardless of financial means. At the end of the workshop I will provide a place where people can contribute what they desire anonymously.




The basis of my this workshop is my personal investigation and practice of Nonviolent Communication


Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was developed by Marshall Rosenberg from practical research in the 1970s and is currently used in over 65 countries, collaborating so that people can transform peaceful conflict and effectively in personal areas, organizational and political, including intimate relationships, families, schools, institutions, psychotherapy and international conflicts.

The practice of NVC develops a more authentic and empathic communication promoting more understanding, connection, trust, genuine cooperation and solidarity in our relationships and communities. It increases our ability to perceive commonality in diversity, transform conflict into connection and sustain strong and flexible collaborative win-win relationships.


About the facilitator

Kiu Coates facilitates human development processes based on Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication (NVC). His focus is on hosting participatory spaces where people can reflect and learn from relationship and communication challenges they are currently facing and develop practices that enhance communication and the ability to take better care of themselves, their relationships and communities. He is currently works by hosting workshops, Nonviolent Communication practice groups, group facilitation processes and coaching.

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