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Empowering Kurdish Women into Business

Sep 19th
18:00 - 20:30
Impact Hub King's Cross
Kurdish House London was created to support the vision of Kurdish entrepreneurs. They link entrepreneurially spirited Kurds with the skills, funding and network to develop their ideas.


On Wednesday 4th September they are opening their doors for an evening of building confidence as a female in business.


Kurdish House London come from communities where women are taught to play a submissive, supporting role. Coming from these communities, women are not instilled with the confidence and self assurance needed to succeed in business and to make their ideas and dreams a reality.


However, during the event we will be hearing from Kurdish female founders who will reveal some of the tips and tools that helped them build momentum for their business ideas. It’s time for more women within the community to show that they multifaceted.


Let Kurdish House London take you on an immersive journey ending in you walking out with a renewed belief in your capability to make your ideas happen.


Do I have to be Kurdish to come?


Anyone from Kurdish heritage, or with an enterprise or charity focussed on a Kurdish issue or region is welcome.


Do I have to be an entrepreneur to come?


Entrepreneur, budding entrepreneur, or just want to learn more.


Is there food?


Of course, thanks to fantastic Kurdish catering.

Why are you asking for donations?

We are asking for donations to purchase your ticket in order to increase your own commitment to yourself to come and attend this event that will help you with your own development. If £5 will encourage you to lay aside other responsibilities and be there, that’s fine. If it takes more to do that, then please donate more for your ticket. Donations will also help us to know how many to cater for, and to cover the food and drink served at the event.


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