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Environment Talks: How Your Pounds Can Protect Our Planet

Jan 28th
17:30 - 18:30
Environment Talks: How Your Pounds Can Protect Our Planet

Whether you’re just beginning your journey into more sustainable living or are ten steps ahead of the masses, one thing that’s often ignored is thinking about where our money goes. No, we’re not talking about what you buy, but where your money is stored.

The fact is, while we may be trying our hardest to choose sustainable products and reduce our emissions, the majority of our banks are investing BIG money into fossil fuels. Since 2016, 35 of the world’s biggest banks have funneled over £2 trillion into the fossil fuel industry, with Barclays and HSBC being stamped as some of the biggest UK contributors (Rainforest Alliance Network, 2020). Like our day-to-day banks, our pension providers are also built to invest – and many of them do support unsustainable oil, gas and coal industries. So are you ready to make your money fossil-free?

Join us for an engaging and eye-opening session on the power of our pounds, and receive advice from industry experts on how to put your money where your heart is – on our planet!

This event is the 3rd of 6 in the Impact Hub King’s Cross Environment Talks series and will be hosted by Stav Friedman, Environmental Scientist, Educator and Changemaker, the Hub’s resident sustainability expert. You need not have attended the previous sessions to join – the more the merrier – but grab your tickets soon before the room fills up!

Join us on Thursday, 28 January at 5.30pm.

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