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Feeding the City 2021 – Idea Generating Workshop (at the Hub)

Jul 6th
17:30 - 20:30
Feeding the City 2021 - Idea Generating Workshop (at the Hub)

 Feeding the City Start Up is a fully-funded 9-month programme that supports sustainable food start-ups across London. Successful applicants have access to business and food expert advice and training throughout 2021 and 2022. Come to our Idea-Generating Workshop to find out more and explore your ideas.

Londoners need to recover and build back sustainably their food system. We want to support you to make a change!

Do you play with the idea of starting your social business, or already are part of a team eager to start a food business?

Are you a charity/community-led group looking to develop a food business model?

Why not solve one or more of the following food challenges in your community:

  1. Increase access to nourishing, culturally appropriate and affordable food
  2. Reduce diet-health related issues and shift to sustainable consumption patterns
  3. Increase urban farming and gardening
  4. Reduce the environmental footprint (e.g. waste, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, pollution, land) of London’s Food System
  5. Increase resilience and diversity in food supply (e.g. diversity of food sources, seasonal procurement, working with other cities)
  6. Increase job opportunities in the food sector for communities most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

In our Idea-Generating Workshop you will be supported to develop an idea for your own social business, get to know others working in similar areas, and learn more about Feeding the City.

Using concrete tools, you will be helped to think through important elements of your idea in a structured way and to identify blind spots. You will also receive valuable feedback and learn which criteria are important in the submission. Even those without a concrete idea are welcome!

This event will take place at the Impact Hub King’s Cross space. If you want to attend the online workshop on 30 June, join here.


  • Introduction and overview of the program Feeding the City Start Up 
  • Interactive exercise and instruction for the individual development of an Idea Core, consisting of the most important basic elements of an impact idea
  • Feedback from peers and suggestions for the further development of your own idea
  • Mutual acquaintance and exchange of ideas
  • Important information about the application process and relevant criteria

If you have any further questions, please email Angie at [email protected].

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