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Food Talks

Mar 10th
18:30 - 21:00

Waste not want not

Our Food Talks series is brought to you by Impact Hub Kings Cross in partnership with the Food Ethics Council, Organico and Think.Eat.Drink. At each of our Food Talks events, our expert speakers present, followed by a Q&A session, then a delicious and free buffet meal. The idea of our Food Talks series is to stimulate debate and constructive thinking about the issues that surround the world of food. The evenings run from 6.30-9.00pm at the Impact Hub Kings Cross. Please join us! The password on Eventbrite is foodtalks.

The first event in the 2016 series is entitled “Waste not want not”. It takes place on 10th March 2016 (6.30-9pm) at the Impact Hub King’s Cross. The event features leading speakers including Dr David Evans, Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester and author of ‘Food waste’ and Dr Richard Swannell, Director of Sustainable Food Systems, WRAP. The discussion will be chaired by Dan Crossley, Executive Director of the Food Ethics Council. People often refer to the ‘obesity epidemic’, but arguably we also have a ‘food waste epidemic’. The volumes of food wasted or lost along the chain, whether on farm or in households’ rubbish bin, are staggering. Following recent high-profile campaigns by people such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, food waste is back on the agenda in the UK. Do we really waste more food than previous generations? Where do we waste it and why? Why do we not value our food properly, so that we throw less away? What can you do about it? Join us to get to the heart of the food waste issue.

Next Food Talks

Fishy business (30th June): Fish forms an important part of a healthy diet, but many global fisheries have been overfished in recent decades. Have recent attempts to sustainably manage fisheries paid off? Will there always be ‘another fish in the sea’ for our children and grandchildren? Is fish a success story for sustainability? If not, what are the problems and answers needed? What about fish farming – aquaculture – whose growth has risen exponentially in the last decade? How should you make ethical choices about whether to eat fish and, if so, what fish to eat?

Food fights and food rights (13th October):  Is the right to food a fundamental human right? How do we ensure Governments fulfil their obligations around the right to food? With rising population, pressure on natural resources and the impacts of climate change, are food fights in the future inevitable? Many hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, and many hundreds of millions in the rest of the world, struggle to be able to afford to eat. Shouldn’t we all be fighting – at least figuratively – for everyone to have access to good food?

The psychology of food (8th December): Food fads, obesity, anorexia, allergies, celebrity chefs and more. Food has never been more in the headlines: can the psychological dimension help us understand what’s going on?

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