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Fuck Up With Joy

Jul 15th
18:00 - 19:30
Fuck Up With Joy

“Life is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson later”.

Isn’t this so true? Someone who believes this would likely want to be able to just say ‘Oops’ once they make a mistake and move forward feeling grateful for the teaching life sent their way. But it’s not so straightforward to be that way, even for those who really wish to live by this statement.

Let’s come together and explore what comes in the way of our embracing failure or mistakes, or the little oops moments. What gets us stuck? What would it take to smile and say “thank you!” every time we realise we fucked up, for the learning and growth opportunity that we’ve been presented with. Some things that might indicate you have more to learn towards becoming a mistake embracer:

  • You get anxious thoughts around failing.
  • You find yourself stressing about how others might react to your actions (big or small) or way of being. In other words, whether others will “approve” of you or not.
  • You feel angry if someone else seems to be frustrated or unhappy about something you did (or didn’t do) – whether intentionally or unintentionally.
  • You feel angry when others don’t act as per your expectations (if you have low tolerance of mistakes from others, you likely treat yourself the same way!



Note: All emotions are welcome – there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these feelings or experiences. This is a very important message. It is natural to have such an experience as one is on the path of learning to joyfully embrace mistakes. These emotions contain information to help us understand our relationship with mistakes and the underlying beliefs and stories we carry about ourselves and the world. So instead of labelling them “wrong” and detesting them, we can choose to look at them as our guiding lights. You are invited for this interactive session to get together with other Hubbers to share and listen to some oops stories, reflect on your relationship with mistakes, imagine how you’d like your future self to be, and to celebrate your fuck ups with joy 🙂  


About the Facilitator

This session will be facilitated by Ashmeet Kapoor – a new member at Impact Hub King’s Cross. He is an entrepreneur turned coach helping changemakers and meaning seekers embrace and be guided by their highest intentions while also learning to live light-heartedly, and with resilience.

From his own journey of running a social enterprise for a decade in India (I Say Organic), and growing through multiple burnouts and existential crises, he realised that pursuing something he felt passionate about wasn’t enough when it came to feeling fulfilled or happy. His biggest learning was to unlearn – to shed all concepts of how he, others, or things “ought” to be and connect instead with what he truly wanted, and to learn to trust that.

At the core, his work as a coach is to facilitate this self awareness for others to help them release whatever is coming in the way of them living fully and authentically. On his personal journey, he is committed to cultivating more consciousness, meaning and play in my life everyday. Some of the things and topics he most loves are Mindfulness, Plant-based food, Nature & Mountains, Non-duality, Sustainability & Planet-friendly technologies, Entrepreneur well-being, and Conscious Relationships

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