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Fuckup Nights Vol. 3

May 28th
18:30 - 20:30

FuckUp Nights: Conversations about failures and other things

Thursday, 28th May, 2015 from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM


FuckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated now launching in London bi-monthly! In each FuckUp Night 3 or 4 fuckupreneurs share their stories of failure including:
  • What was their project?
  • What did they do wrong?
  • What did they learn?
  • What would they do differently?

At the end of each story the audience asks questions. All accompanied by beer and good friends.
If you’d like to speak next time or know someone who might like to host the next event please email with details.

The Speakers

Leon Aarts runs an  organisation called Sweet Peace where he uses his experiences from over the years to empower people, by showing them  the greatness they have inside themselves creating kinder, more peaceful and cohesive societies . Leon is a visionair, social innovator, traveler, public speaker and author of 4 books. Leon was a top chef in the Netherlands with his own restaurant before he came to London in 2001 to start a successful fine food business selling to all the top London restaurants. In 2007 he had to stop this business. If you want to know why he had to stop his very successful business, come to listen to his story.

Orsi Toth is a communication strategist who loves building products, learning about communication, consumer trends, design and the wonderful minds of human beings. Starting her career in advertising, she first co-founded a boutique digital marketing agency – crashed and burned after a year, due to people problem – then went on to create Drungli, the adventure generator for spontaneous people. Failing to find the right business model for 3 years she moved on to new adventures and today she is communication manager for GrantTree in London.

Sofie Sandell is a Swedish Londoner and the author of the book ‘Digital Leadership’, she is a professional speaker and trainer, and she speaks about leadership, creativity and social media. Sofie believes that the leaders who are best placed to take us into the future are those that know a lot about digital tools and what technology can do for people.

Paulina Marczykiewicz is the real chocoholic… Oh sorry this is about money… Paulina is the never bored new business opportunities woman with the great experience in many different industries failures where after this kind of lessons she has a lot of much bigger upward successes. Her background is a strong analytic as she has the masters diploma in Technical Physics but after she has been trained in sales and marketing techniques as well brand and communication strategy which makes her a serious enemy against the competition. To practice her sales and presentation skills she started the yearly program in public speaking where she totally fall in love in it. All of this makes that she likes to share how was her fist serious business beginning and how she “fuckup” this as she knows how difficult is to never give up and how important is to make a god lesson from it

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