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How to Build an Equitable Workplace: A Human Wisdom Project workshop

Mar 3rd
17:30 - 19:00
How to Build an Equitable Workplace: A Human Wisdom Project workshop

Creating a world of equal opportunities for all is a dream many of us share. When it comes to our organisations, we’ve spent time and money on education, training, action plans, and workshops, with the best of intentions, but the pace of change is not satisfactory. People are fearful of saying the “wrong” thing or taking the “wrong” action. This 90-minute session is an opportunity to:

  • Explore what might stand in the way of creating sustainable change
  • Get clarity on what actions we might take if there was no fear!
  • Reflect on your own biases in a safe, gentle and non-judgemental space
  • Commit to action that inspires YOU

This workshop is designed primarily to help you explore your own conditioning in a way that is non-threatening, and to use the insights gained to think of ways in which to create sustainable change within your organisation, and more importantly, to truly be the change you wish to see in the world.

The topics we’ll cover:

  • The nature of conditioning and the many subtle ways it operates in our lives
  • How we become naturally attached to our points of view without realising it
  • The art of self-enquiry, or how we can begin to look at and learn about ourselves
  • How to begin letting go of our conditioning, and becoming an embodiment of our values


Who it’s for

  • Anyone who is passionate about equality and diversity
  • Leaders of growing organisations who wish to create an equitable culture
  • HR professionals looking to share and listen to perspectives, and get introduced to the Human Wisdom approach
  • Anyone who enjoys open, deep conversations, and hopes for the world to be a better place


This is a hybrid event – choose to join us at the Hub or online.


What to expect:

  • Safe, non-judgemental space
  • Unearthing hidden biases that you may previously have been unaware of
  • Connecting with your values and getting inspiration about the way forward
  • Simple steps you can take to let go of the conditioning and live from your values
  • Introduction to the Human Wisdom frameworks
  • Insight on how you can create sustainable change within your organisation

What not to expect

    • To become bias-free


About Human Wisdom Project

The Human Wisdom Project has the bold aim to transform the future of humanity where peace, harmony, and joy are the norm. We wish to see a world where all human beings realise their highest potential and live peaceful lives. We believe that getting there is simple, though it may not be easy. The truth is that most problems humanity faces, for which there is no easy solution, have their roots in our thinking: mental health, relationship conflict, addictions, divisions, violence, corruption, and even climate change. It follows that a deeper understanding of ourselves and how our minds work could help us prevent and more easily overcome them. Our approach is a combination of easy to digest teaching-style content, self-reflection, and self-enquiry. In addition to offering workshops and trainings, we have launched the Human Wisdom app consisting of 60 self-paced modules that synthesize all our frameworks. We are a group of 70 leading coaches and therapists worldwide, and are actively seeking more partners.

About the Facilitator – Ashmeet Kapoor

Ashmeet is a Social Entrepreneur turned Coach helping changemakers and meaning seekers embrace and be guided by their highest intentions while learning to live light-heartedly, with resilience. From his own journey of building a successful organic food business over a decade in India (I Say Organic), and growing through multiple burnouts and existential crises, he realised that pursuing something he felt passionate about wasn’t enough when it came to feeling fulfilled or happy. His biggest learning was to unlearn – to shed all concepts of how he, others, or things “ought” to be and connect instead with what he truly wanted, and to learn to trust that. At its core, his work as a coach is to facilitate this self awareness for others to help them release whatever is coming in the way of them living fully and authentically. In addition to working with a diverse set of individuals and organisations, he is an Ambassador for the Human Wisdom Project.

On his personal journey, he is committed to cultivating more consciousness, meaning and play in his life everyday. Some of the things and topics he most loves are Mindfulness, Plant-based food, Nature & Mountains, Non-duality, Sustainability & Planet-friendly technologies, Entrepreneur well-being, and Conscious Relationships.

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