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How to save 1 hour every day with email & task management

May 2nd
18:30 - 20:00

How to save 1 hour every day with email & task management

28% of work time is spent on email, and 30-40% is spent looking for documents. We often forget our tasks, as we have more data inputs by 9:15 every day than we did in one whole week 20 years ago. No-one needs to be taught how to send, reply or forward emails, but in 2017 very few email users have a strategy for how to tackle email efficiently and accurately (making sure none are missed). In this talk you will learn how to:

  • Following the TRAIL method of email & task management, which deals with tasks efficiently whilst letting nothing slip through the cracks (including various social media outlets)
  • Setting up one click emails similar to a “Facebook like”
  • Search for & find 99% of emails in 1 min or less
  • Task management software recommendation
  • How to send emails directly from Microsoft Office apps
  • Type once & reuse often techniques
  • How to categorise a task list

Speaker description

After completing his Master’s degree in Mathematics, David spent five years working for Deloitte in London, UK, where he qualified as an accountant under the ICAEW. David moved to Cambodia in 2013 and founded Xlconsulting which has worked with over 50 businesses and Non-Profits focusing on implementing software systems & professional training plus a large focus on using Excel better in day to day office work. David gives public seminars around once per month and has spoken in Cambodia, UK & China. David is a part-time lecturer at the National University of Management in Cambodia and has provided training to over 500 professionals in the last four years. Since the start of his career, David has been an hourly rate consultant and is always learning faster and faster ways to perform tasks to keep client charges down. In his free time, David regularly organises events, volunteers with Non-Profits and mentors with Impact Hub’s Phnom Penh’s start-up incubator program “Epic”. David is also Cambodia’s official ICAEW contact member since 2014, is a regular guest blogger for Think Productive UK, has a Vimeo channel with some of his past talks and creates clickable BI dashboards where site visitors can click to play with data in game-changing new ways.


“The software that white collar workers use day to day today is the same we used 20 years ago. The Microsoft Office version may be higher but 90% of users of Office 2016 haven’t clicked on many buttons that weren’t there in Office 97, a product that predates ipods, Smart Phones and even Google.com. Unleash the potential of the software you already own”. – David Benaim



Image by Dai KE

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