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How to start, run and scale your business – legal do’s & don’ts (Part 2)

Nov 3rd
12:00 - 13:00
How to start, run and scale your business - legal do's & don'ts (Part 2)

SESSION 2: How to scale your business – both inside and outside the UK In this session, we will discuss how to best scale your business once you have found product market fit.

We will go through how to set a thorough and sustainable expansion strategy, and the key elements needed to scale long term, both locally, and beyond borders. Additionally, we will discuss how to align growth expectations and risk appetite with relevant stakeholders. You will learn the importance of implementing specific contracts and policies to avoid future setbacks and valuation issues.

Who is this session for? Key stakeholders running or operating in a growing business that is looking to scale quickly, both in the UK and globally  

Main chair: Victoria Kopylov, CCO @ PocketLaw Panelists: Tom Spooner, Legal Product Manager @ PocketLaw, and Yasmin Kaf, GDPR specialist @ PocketLaw


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