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Hyper Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Feb 25th
14:00 - 15:00
Hyper Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Join Kay Kukoyi, founder & CEO of Purposeful Group, to explore hyper-productivity for entrepreneurs.

Transform yourself into a productivity ninja with this jam-packed session full of strategies, resources, apps, and techniques to help you get organised and to develop your “entrepreneurial brain” to work efficiently and effectively as you build your business.

Event details:

Thursday 25 February, 2pm-3pm (UK time) / 5pm 6pm (Moscow time)



Speaker Bio

Kay Kukoyi has been recognised by the Financial Times, Inclusive Boards & Tech Alliance as one of the #IB100, 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in UK Tech. She is a global professional tech startup mentor, qualified software delivery specialist, bestselling author, speaker, and lecturer who designs and delivers specialist tech focused workshops and programmes for entrepreneurs, and can offer you more than 20 workshops, 3 programmes and more than 60 hours of specialist, quality content for your cohort.

Kay is the creator of the App Map™, an educational model for tech startup founders, and is the founder & CEO of Purposeful Group, a business, technology & training consultancy, a service delivery partner for startup incubators, accelerators, universities and organisations supporting new enterprises, and Tech Startup Academy™ the global community and centre for learning for tech founders. She is on a mission to reduce the issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs creating software from scratch.

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