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Impact Hub Sustainability Group #2: CarbonCulture

Sep 30th
18:30 - 20:00
CarbonCulture Sustainability Playbooks Workshop


If you know of great things that people can do to create sustainability impacts in their everyday lives, this is an opportunity to bundle up that know-how into engaging new habits for 10,000 hub members in 50 cities all over the world.


CarbonCulture Playbooks are a construction set for scalable and fun sustainability behaviours, that help everybody to join in and create impact. Built on over 5 years of sustainability design research, they are the world’s first purpose-built digital tools for getting high-impact sustainability behaviours out to huge numbers of people. Playbooks will allow communities and crowds to work together, allow sharing, flocking and pledging, and come with baked-in behavioural economics goodness and impact assessment. They put the fun into functional.


The Impact Hub Sustainability Group hatched a plan recently to work up some CarbonCulture Pledge Playbooks for the Impact Hub network, to spread the knowledge of our expert members, and tap into the power of the whole Impact Hub community to create change. CarbonCulture is a long standing Impact Hub member, that is offering technology and expertise for free. This is one of the very first public outings of Playbooks, and we’re looking forward to learning a lot from how you use them!


In this design workshop we’ll help attendees to design some simple, fun, evidence-based pledge playbooks that can be given away to all Impact Hub members – and that we hope to offer in due course to the general public. This will raise the profile of member businesses, and make the impact of all of us working together really tangible. In this workshop, we’ll teach you to make your own playbooks, for fun and impact!


In coming months, we plan that the best of these will be built into real (virtual) playbooks and launched (with your name on them) to communities like UK Parliament, UCL, Number 10 Downing Street, and Great Ormond Street Hospital.


For some of us deep-green types, getting engaged and getting active seems to be a no-brainer. It’s easy to forget that many people still have unanswered questions, or other priorities more pressing than saving the world. We’ll be talking about how to make impactful action so fun, so easy, so rewarding that people want to do it even if they don’t care about the ‘green thing’.

Luke Nicholson is a serial entrepreneur with a background in design and sustainable innovation. He has been working at the intersection of digital, design, sustainability and data for over a decade. He is Director of CarbonCulture, which helps organisations manage and use energy-saving data to maximise scalable, sustainable savings and user engagement. CarbonCulture’s users include DECC, HM Treasury, No 10 Downing Street, The Mayor of London, Cardiff Council, UK Parliament and Great Ormond Street hospital as well as over 50 blue chip corporations, Luke serves as a London Leader for the Mayor of London’s Sustainable Development Commission.


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