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Journaling Sessions Using Frameworks (for members)

Jul 6th
10:00 - 11:00
Journaling Sessions Using Frameworks (for members)

In collaboration with World we desire, we present to you a series of (frameworks based) Journaling sessions to help you with some deep inner work to create lasting changes in different areas of your life. Here’s the series agenda: 1) Demarcation point and your new normal – 6th Jul’21 2) New Paradigm tools for decision making – 13th Jul’21 3) Futurecast your year ahead – 20th Jul’21 4) Meet your Future Self – 27th Jul’21 Join us every Tuesday in July for some solid personal reflection!  

About the Journaling series: The world around us is opening us to infinite possibilities and new ways of being. This is a time of constant reflection for all of us and we thought we will help you with that by having these regular sessions on Self-reflection/Visualization/Decision making/Conscious creation using Futures Thinking tools and frameworks as our prompts. This is Manifesting meets Futures Thinking. Let’s do this! In each session we will introduce you to an easy-to-use Futures thinking framework(adapted for personal context). If you are a sucker for manifestation tools and techniques, consider this as an add-on to your toolbox. We will then give you prompts and each one of us will journal our responses. Our expectation is by the end of each session you would have garnered new clarity on your future choices around different areas of your life.

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