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Macrame Club (members only)

Apr 27th
17:30 - 19:00
Macrame Club (members only)

Spring is here and with it the time to show off some nice DIY jewellery. Join this craft session and learn how to make your first fancy macrame bracelet and make some later for your besties!

Please note this is an Impact Hub member-only event.


Workshop details:

Tues 27 April, 5.30pm



From our facilitator:

I love to see your beautiful faces but this time I need to see your hands while working on your macrame so I can help you better.



– Cushion or rolled towel to use as support

– Pins

(You can use as well adhesive tape and a table)

– 2 contrasting colour cords:

1 cord 70cm long

1 cord 2 meters long

– Scissors

– Lighter


What kind of cord can be used?

– Cotton cord with a polished surface.

– Braided cord, named as well macrame cord or Chinese knot, made of polyester.

– Waxed cord, usually made of polyester, can be cotton as well.

– Embroidery thread or stranded cotton.


Looking forward to seeing you all!


*It is important that everyone has the materials ready so we can maximise the time.

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