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Map your Brand’s DNA: clarity for a successful, positive impact (members only)

Apr 19th
14:00 - 15:00
Map your Brand's DNA: clarity for a successful, positive impact (members only)

After 7+ years of working in the creative industry as a brand and marketing strategist, helping launch start-ups, build and develop brands from scratch, Lucie Chiocchetti launched The Positive Impact Business in January 2021, delivering ethical business strategies for businesses who want to do good and make our world a better place.

Believing that businesses have a crucial role to play in creating a more sustainable, ethical, fairer and kinder world, Lucie dedicates her expertise and passion to those businesses who want to do good for our future.

Although the internet is full of tools enabling you to create your brand (from creative tools to marketing planning advice), mapping out your brand DNA is not an automated process and is singular to every brand, company, and entrepreneur.

As positive impact entrepreneurs, we are intimately connected to what we do. We share a lot of who we are, pouring our heart and deep inner-self into what we do to face the world! So it can be a critical and overwhelming process to clarify our brand because we struggle to see the line between us, the humans, and the brand and company we are trying to grow.

And it becomes even more problematic when we keep everything in our head, making it difficult for us to take a step back from it, ensuring we can refine our message as clearly and efficiently as possible to reach our audience.


In this workshop:

– We will touch base on the “Growth for Good” business model and how it empowers positive impact business to grow.

– You will get the chance to start the process of mapping out your Brand DNA by covering the essential five pillars that every positive impact business’ brand needs:

  • Story
  • Positive Impact
  • Why
  • Impact Goals
  • Values

+ Bonus exercise! If time allows.

This workshop will be interactive, engaging with live exercises!


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