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Mash Up: From One to Many

Nov 26th
18:30 - 21:00

Mash Up

From One to Many: Growing your enterprise and your social impact

Most social enterprises want to grow. Growth means we help more people, have a bigger impact and become more sustainable.

Three growing enterprises will be sharing how their organisation influences society. Hear from Digital Unite, Kuorum and Finance Innovation Lab in a pecha kucha style presentation (20 slides for 20 seconds each). Our speakers are enterprises that have engaged with wider society in order to generate impact.

We know from experience that growth, even good growth, also brings challenges. When you go from a handful of self-motivated entrepreneurs to a team of directors and employees, how do you maintain your inspiration, the drive and values that led you to start your enterprise in the first place? How do you ensure that your team culture reflects your ideals and your business philosophy? How do you involve your customers and ensure they can make the most of the bigger organisation that you are now?

So, we will also get you involved in exploring your own organisation’s values, communication and management style as you scale up your enterprise. We invited Andrea Darabos from top management training company Management 3.0, who will get us interacting – engaging with how we share values with our team as out organisation grows.

So, don’t wait. This is inspiration, connection and learning in one energetic event. Sign up now.

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