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Navigating Conflict using Mindfulness

Nov 11th
15:00 - 16:00
Navigating Conflict using Mindfulness
Our member Ashmeet Kapoor will guide us through a mindfulness session to overcome conflict.
Behind any conflict there are different needs and perspectives. Often, the older the conflict is, the deeper the pain is. Conflict melts away when we feel seen, heard, understood, and acknowledged. We could get there if we stopped being furious, and started being curious. It’s that simple, but doesn’t seem easy to achieve. In this 75-minute session Ashmeet Kapoor will explore:
  • How simple mindfulness inspired practices, like pausing for 3 seconds, can completely transform situations of conflict
  • Resolving conflict without compromising your own self-worth
  • How we can get our family or team to listen to us, and make them want to help us solve our problem (even if they have contributed to them)
  • Practices to center ourselves when our tender parts get poked, activating our defenses
  • Dealing with reactive personalities
  • Moving from “I’m right” to “Maybe you’re right”
  • How to integrate – so that from being mental concepts, these move into our way of being
This is a hybrid event taking place at Impact Hub King’s Cross and on Zoom.


About the Facilitator:
Ashmeet Kapoor is an entrepreneur turned coach whose mission is to help people infuse play into purpose. From his own journey of running a social enterprise for a decade in India (I Say Organic), he realised that pursuing something he felt passionate about wasn’t enough when it came to feeling fulfilled or happy. His biggest learning has been to discover and shed concepts of what he “ought” to be, and instead connect with and trust what he truly wants.
Through coaching conversations and workshops, he helps people and groups connect with their highest intentions, and discover how they can learn to live light-heartedly, while doing meaningful and ambitious work. Among his favourite topics and things are Mindfulness, Plant-based food, Nature & Mountains, Spirituality, Planet-friendly technologies, Entrepreneur well-being, and Conscious Relationships.

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