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Reflect & Align: A Mindset and Mindfulness Workshop (for members)

Oct 21st
10:30 - 11:30
Reflect & Align: A Mindset and Mindfulness Workshop (for members)

Take the time and space to check in with yourself, your goals, and overall wellbeing. In this one-hour workshop you will be equiped with tangible tools from positive psychology and mindfulness so you can gain clarity, create a life with intention and purpose and move towards your desires with confidence and ease.

What you’ll need:

  • A journal and pen for reflection and notetaking
  • Please make sure that your environment is quiet and safe, so you can sit without any interruptions or distractions
  • Water and/or tea – whatever you prefer that will keep your mind and body nourished
  • And most importantly, your commitment to be present and engaged

About the Facilitator

Mayce Dagdoni is a multi-hyphenate Mindset & Creative Life Coach who supports, uplifts and empowers growth seekers to create the life they desire through the practice of mindfulness, intentional living, and creativity.

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