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Sales Techniques, Key Account Management and CRM Systems

Sep 14th
9:30 - 16:00

Sales Techniques, Key Account Management (KAM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Converting potential custom in to sales is a primary focus of any businesses. The process of attracting those customers can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive – it is vital that your resources are managed effectively for you to maximise your return.

Once you have attracted your customer it is vital that you manage the relationship with them so that they return to you in future; having a group of loyal patrons is much cheaper than having to constantly replace that income with new custom.

Our two day course will provide you with the primary techniques of sales, key account management and customer relationship management – from making that initial sale to managing the relationship so that you can maximise the spending potential of each of your clients.

The Sales Techniques strand will cover:

• Understanding the customer well

• Deciding on who to target

• Deciding on the value proposition

• Preparing your sales/marketing material

• Prospecting

• Presenting, overcoming objections and negotiating

• Closing the sale

• Evaluating your approach

• Developing the customer relationship

• Refining your sales skills including managing your stress on prospecting and with “difficult” customers.

The Key Account Management strand will cover:

• The retail, corporate and government market in a nutshell

• The concept of customer lifetime value

• How to design and evaluate your Key Account Management plan

• Preparing your KAM plan

The Customer Relationship Management strand will cover:

• General Customer Relationship Management Systems

• Blogging CRM (WordPress, Blogger)

• eCommerce CRM

Delivered by:

Anastasia Marinopoulou, a Visiting Researcher and Tutor at London South Bank University and runs her own (small) consultancy practice offering consultation and training services on marketing strategy, sales development, leadership and teamwork and lean operations. Her customer portfolio includes SMEs and MNs from diverse sectors like Retail, Education, Construction, Hotel, Catering, High Fashion, as well the Pharmaceutical sector from the U.K., Greece, Turkey and Russia.


This workshop runs from 9.30am – 4pm on Monday 14th Sept and Monday 21st Sept. Breakfast and lunch are included.

The content of the course has been designed for attendees of both days, missing a session may diminish your learning opportunities.

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