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Screw Up Stories (for members)

Sep 15th
17:45 - 19:00
Screw Up Stories (for members)

Continuing the Screw Up Stories Series.


How well we embrace failure and our ability to move on are good measures of our resilience. Perseverance, strength, and being grounded are some qualities one typically thinks of in this regard. Forgiveness is not one that comes to mind immediately. In our last Screw Up Stories event, many Hubbers shared anecdotes from their lives that they have internalized as mistakes. One of the themes that emerged was the resentment, blame and anger we still carry towards ourselves and others for what we/they did, and how we/they were in the past.

This begs the question – Would we not rise in resilience if we rose in our ability to forgive, let go and move on? So, what would it take to fully forgive ourselves and others? Let’s explore this less intuitive side of resilience together.

The session will include open sharing, and an introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) by the facilitator – a tool he finds helpful in making peace with the past.  


About the facilitator: Ashmeet Kapoor is an entrepreneur turned coach whose mission is to help people infuse play into purpose. From his own journey of running a social enterprise for a decade in India (I Say Organic), he realised that pursuing something he felt passionate about wasn’t enough when it came to feeling fulfilled or happy. His biggest learning has been to discover and shed concepts of what he “ought” to be, and instead connect with and trust what he truly wants. Through coaching conversations and workshops, he helps people and groups connect with their highest intentions, and discover how they can learn to live light-heartedly, while doing meaningful and ambitious work. Among his favourite topics and things are Mindfulness, Plant-based food, Nature & Mountains, Spirituality, Planet-friendly technologies, Entrepreneur well-being, and Conscious Relationships.

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