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Social Enterprise Festival: Ready to grow?

May 14th
17:00 - 20:00
Social Enterprise Festival

Exciting times! You have a successful existing social enterprise and you want to spread its impact and grow your operations. What are your options?

As part of a series of activities for the Social Enterprise Festival in Greenwich, London (11-15 May 2015) we are delighted to be working with the Social Enterprise Festival to offer a workshop to existing social enterprises that would like to explore options for scaling their enterprise.

Growing beyond start-up stage is a sensitive time for all businesses. How do you grow without losing focus on delivering your existing products and services? What growth model would best work for you? What additional skills and systems do you need to have in place to make a larger social enterprise as successful as the original one?

This interactive session will get you thinking about:

  • What you already need to have in place before thinking about scaling
  • What models for scaling exist (e.g. social franchising, dissemination, wholly owned subsidiaries, etc)
  • The pros and cons of these models for your social enterprise
  • What is involved in implementing each of these models

The session will be run by Devi Clark, Scaling Manager and Alessandro Palmieri at Impact Hub King’s Cross.

Devi Clark
Devi is responsible for running the Scaling Programme which is helping enterprises to scale up in the UK or to any of the following cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Bucharest, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Vienna. She is an experienced consultant, coach, trainer and author specialising in social enterprises and charities: start ups, business strategy and careers. She is the author of ‘People, Planet, Passion’ and has blogged at Huffington Post, Life Hack and Third Sector Magazine.

Alessandro Palmieri
Alessandro is the coordinator of the BENISI project, which supports social innovations scaling in Europe.

Full venue details will be sent to registered delegates by separate correspondence.

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