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Stress Resilience: Wellbeing in times of Change

Mar 11th
14:00 - 15:30
Stress Resilience: Wellbeing in times of Change

The current pandemic changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we lead. If you look around with open curiosity, you will realise that certain individuals can cope very well with change and pressure, while others crumble under similar circumstances. In this talk, we will be asking: what’s the difference between those who thrive and those who struggle? How can we build our resilience? How can leaders proactively foster the right environment that enables everyone to perform at their best, where it matters the most? How can we maintain our mental health and wellbeing at the time of change and uncertainty?


Workshop details:

Thursday 11 March, 2pm-3.30pm



This is what you will get out of this workshop:

  • Learn what stress really is, and the difference between good and bad stress
  • Know how to recognise early signs of burnout
  • Practical, neuroscience-based tools for emotional regulation and wellbeing
  • How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks
  • Create an action plan for wellbeing and self-care
  • Learn how to support wellbeing of others through change
  • 3 Ways to build resilience and prevent burnout
  • Strategic insights for building organisational resilience

It is an interactive experience, so get ready to roll your sleeves and walk out of the workshop with an action plan for your own wellbeing, and practical tools for supporting those you lead.


Speaker Bio:

Evelina Dzimanaviciute is a leading organisational wellbeing consultant and mental health coach, founder of Elite Mind and Elite Mind Academy. She is known for her pioneering work on using brain-based approaches for mental health, and for integrating wellbeing into leadership and organisational development.

As someone who had to build new life and career in the foreign country, where she arrived without even speaking the language, Evelina understands the need to adapt and grow in face of challenges. Her unique journey of resilience, perseverance, as well as recovery from a tumour, is an inspiring story often shared on international stages and leadership events.

Evelina’s work is driven by the question why some people can thrive with the same challenges where others crumble. She spent over a decade studying the neuroscience of resilience and high performance, working with the most successful leaders as well as supporting suicidal individuals with mental health issues. Today Evelina uses her research to help individuals and organisations to perform at their best where it matters the most, and achieve business goals without sacrificing individual health and wellbeing.

For more information, visit elitemind.co.uk .

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