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Building A Prototype

Aug 5th
18:00 - 19:30

What you need to know to create the first draft

Are you unsure which of your many ideas to choose? How will you decide whether your idea is worth pursuing? What do you need to prototype this?

What you’ll learn

This class guides you through an introduction to Design thinking for social innovation and how to apply the method to your start up journey.
Led by entrepreneur Leslie Alfin from Ipractivate, you will get an overview of what you need to think about when designing your business and creating a first test of the product or service for consumers to try out. 


About Leslie


Leslie Alfin is the founder and executive director of PRACTivate, ltd., a social enterprise that develops programming and delivers targeted social impact through applied practice.
Formerly the Vice President of Marketing for Cingular Wireless’s Enterprise Data Group, Leslie was responsible for the strategic oversight of the Blackberry suite of products.In her early career as an entrepreneur, Leslie was the CEO of Egg, Inc., a Marketing Communications company that provided Fortune 1000 and emerging technology companies with communication and customer interface strategies.
Leslie is also a visiting lecturer and has taught innovation, research methods, and entrepreneurship in the Design & Management program (BBA) in the School of Design Strategies at Parsons School of Design, NYC.

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