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Access The Market

Aug 21st
18:30 - 20:30

How to access the market


Which sales channels will you choose to sell your product or service?
How will you access customers?
You may think that your sales channel is obvious: the Internet. You have a website, you offer products, and you promote your products through various Internet marketing channels like pay-per-click ads and comparison-shopping engines.  However, there is no simple answer and it depends largely on your customers and products.
This session looks at how three businesses at very different stage of operation have done it and the challenges they have faced on the way.



The experience of Founders on how they accessed different markets for their enterprises and networks. This includes the challenges they faced at the early stage plus what they would recommend when thinking about your sales channels.





Karen LynchKaren Lynch, CEO of BELU Water
Following a radical shake-up of their social business Karen transformed Belu from a company that lost £600,000 on sales of £1.5m in 2007 to a consumer brand with a profitable turnover of £4.5million forecast for 2014.
Karen believes that one of the major turning points for Belu was winning a national contract with Tragus Group (Café Rouge, Strada, Bella Italia), which helped the brand achieve economy of scale, competing on a national level with other well established brands.




Ewan Marhsall image Speakset BlogEwan Marshall, Founder of Speakset
Speakset is a video calling tool for simple remote consultations. Ewan will discuss the challenges of early stage procurement and how they are navigating their way through the NHS as a potential new supplier.









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