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The Environment in Brexit Britain

Mar 21st
18:30 - 20:30

The Environment in Brexit Britain

This is a disorientating moment for the U.K. Sweeping change seems inevitable. Immediate concerns dominate the news and our consciousness – health, trade, education, housing, economic and foreign policy are all in flux. Decisions made across all of these areas will impact on the environment at local, national and international levels. We are left wondering what Environmental policy will look like in a post-Brexit Britain.

Join our expert panel for a very important conversation

  • Tom Brake MP – Liberal Democrats @ThomasBrake
  • Fiona Harvey – The Guardian @fionaharvey
  • James Murray – Editor Business Green @James_BG
  • Amy Mount – Green Alliance (co-ordinator of Greener UK) @ASmallAMount
  • Matt McGrath – BBC environment correspondent @MattMcGrathBBC
  • Sam Lowe – Friends of the Earth @SamuelMarcLowe
  • Max Wakefield – 10:10 @wakmax
  • Esther Obiri-Darko – Green Party and Secondary School teacher @GreenTooting


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