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Transform your Work with Mindfulness – 6 week course

Mar 19th - Apr 23rd
17:00 - 17:45

By now many of you have had a chance to get a taster of Andy Paice‘s Mindful Wednesdays. From 19th March to 23rd April he’ll be running a 6 week class to show you how the principles of Mindfulness can transform the way you work and do business. Companies from Transport for London to Google are adopting Mindfulness programmes for employees so as a Hub member here is an opportunity to learn some of these valuable methods for free. Andy will take you through a progressive course developing stress relief, focus, emotional resilience, empathic listening, with some fun and interactive sessions all within the context of transforming our working life for the better.


Course Details:

19th March – What is Mindfulness? How it can transform your work.

26th March – Paying attention! Focusing on the body & breath.

2nd April – Mindfulness of eating& other sensory experiences.

9th Apr – Awareness of Others – Mindful & Empathic Listening

16th Apr – Developing Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

23rd Apr – Transforming your Working Life through Embracing Perspectives


Beginners are welcome. Each session lasts 45 minutes. Non members are also welcome for a small fee.

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