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How can corporates and social enterprises collectively start solving societal problems?

Jul 9th
18:00 - 21:00

Unleashing the innovative potential of our society

We are organising a discussion between representatives of big business and social entrepreneurs to understand how we can combine our assets and collaborate on some of the most pressing issues of the day.

Huge multinationals with their cutting edge R&D departments and experts still struggle to come up with “the next big thing”. More and more often innovative solutions come from social entrepreneurs and start-ups. At the same time it is estimated that “up to 40% of start-ups finish by liquidating their assets” (as quoted in FT). The challenge is that new social entrepreneurs are “learning to swim on their own” and often lack the expertise and resources to make their projects relevant to the real world. Big business may lack their craziness, but have got the expertise and the resources necessary to make any innovative idea sustainable and relevant for a wider society.

The discussion will be a great opportunity for corporate leaders, social entrepreneurs, as well as individuals and organisations working with them, to:

  • Co-create some space to think together why innovation matters and why do we constantly strive to make yet another step forward in improving the quality of our lives and those of the future generations.
  • Meet face-to-face in one physical space to discuss and understand each other’s challenges and needs in terms of innovation, creativity and social collaboration.
  • Understand what we need to do in order to work together as a society.
  • Be inspired and learn how to unleash creative and innovative potential within your own organisation.

Agenda and Format:

6:00 – 6:30pm Welcome: first informal conversations, drinks, snacks

6:30pm – 6:45pm Introduction: Why are we here? Why is it important to talk about innovation through partnership and collaboration? The event will start with a general question that we all (business leaders, social entrepreneurs, companies and individuals who work with them) have in common, i.e. how to unleash the creative potential of our society and collectively contribute to solving societal problems?

6:45pm – 7:00pm A framework for understanding how companies can develop and mature CSR programmes for greater impact and how partnerships between social enterprises and business can fit into such a framework.

7:00pm – 7:15pm Case study: Triforce Recruit – Why should social enterprises collaborate with corporates? Opportunities & Challenges

7:15pm – 7:40pm Discussion on the above.

7:40pm – 8:10pm Work Group – collective brainstorm on how to start collaborate to tackle societal challenges.

8:10pm – 8:30pm Take-aways

8:30pm – 9:00pm Networking


About organisers:

Jelena Hercberga, The Loop – An Advisory Firm

Jelena is an Insight Manager in a consultancy that helps businesses understand and embrace their social purpose. Amongst other thing, Jelena helps big business reconnect with a wider society by creating space for meaningful conversations.

Adam Garfunkel, Junxion

Adam is London partner of Junxion Strategy, an international consultancy that works to catalyse progress on social and environmental sustainability. Adam supports mission-minded founders, pioneers of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, non-profit executives and philanthropists. Junxion’s approach unites values-driven leadership, inspired communications, and breakthrough customer and audience experiences through Strategy, TrustBrand development, CSR, and Outreach & Engagement services.

Mike Freeman, arc Programme, Business in the Community

Mike manages Business in the Community’s flagship social enterprise support programme, arc. Business in the Community is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network. Our members work together to tackle a wide range of issues that are essential to building a fairer society and a more sustainable future. On arc, Mike supports social enterprises to grow and create new jobs by connecting them to expertise from corporates and partners as well as arranging supply chain opportunities.

Impact Hub King’s Cross

The Impact Hub King’s Cross community is made up of social businesses addressing challenges both locally and globally. Our members are entrepreneurs, social investors, freelancers, advocates, campaigners, creatives, artists, consultants, coaches and more. We are part of a global network of connected communities that enable collaborative ventures. Impact Hubs unite people from every profession, background and culture with imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world. These are the people who see and do things differently and have entrepreneurial passion to create sustainable impact.

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