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Jun 12th - Jun 17th
8:00 - 21:00

Unlikely Allies, Unlikely Solutions

June 15-17 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

This year marks 10 years of Impact Hub, and it’s the perfect time to take our next leap towards Impact Hub 3.0. To unite not only our likely Allies, but our Unlikely Allies to spark a collaborative impact ecosystem that fuels cross-sector collaborations and helps us prototype resilient solutions for the future of business, society and the planet.
Who are the Unlikely Allies?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business leader, an engineer, and artist, a politician or you have yet to decide, we believe you have an important role to play in driving enterprising solutions for a radically more sustainable world.

We call YOU: committed leaders, inspirational entrepreneurs, trailblazing explorers, insightful investors, optimistic artists, cross-disciplinary designers, participatory economists, peaceful mediators, compassionate facilitators, diligent archeologists, micronational achievers, wild haired inventors, stealth designers, dedicated magicians, scientific alchemists, utopian world-champions, transnational citizens, pragmatic visionaries, friendly neighbors, resilient architects and all those who have an important role to play in making a world that works for all.

Many known, many to be discovered. We are each other’s Unlikely Allies!

What will happen at Unlikely Allies?

The Unlikely Allies Summit departs from the conventional “I talk you listen” conference style by operating as an actual ecosystem with activities based on live participation in a creative learning process.

Over the course of three full days, attendees will enact the ecosystem via a multitude of inspiring formats – provocations, issue-based hackathons, focused educational masterclasses, vibrant marketplace exchanges and social labs addressing shared interest topics.

These interactions enable intensive relationship-building, knowledge transfer, strategic collaboration, real-time discovery, and prototyping solutions. You will experience a unique environment that is designed for you to learn about and further develop the impact ecosystem while creating one in real life.

The stakes are high.  The time is now. And if we choose, the opportunity is ours.

In partnership with the Impact Hub network, and other progressive partners, the Unlikely Allies Summit begins an annual discovery to explore how an unlikely group of over 300 diverse ecosystem actors can advance human innovation and foster our most precious goal  of all: collective impact.

The Goal:  To invite 300+ participants into the best environment for tapping  into our curiosity to solve the great puzzles of our world by creating useful business exchange, life-long relationships and creative collaborations to advance human innovation and collective impact.

Find out now how you can register for Unlikely Allies: http://unlikelyallies.net/registration/

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