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VAT on Electronic/Digital Services – VAT treatment changes

Nov 10th
10:00 - 11:00

This webinar is targeted at social enterprises who are trading online. Recent changes in international VAT rules have been designed to catch out big international companies who were avoiding VAT in the more expensive countries. Now, however, closing that loophole means that even small business who sell online need to be aware of and comply with international VAT regulations.

During this presentation we will discuss:

  • What the these types of services include
  • How the change in rules have affected the VAT treatment when providing these services
  • How do we confirm where we are supplying these services and what VAT rates to apply
  • How can we prove our customers location
  • Consideration of pricing issues in regards to charging VAT in each country

If you have any questions please do flag them up in advance so we can be sure to cover them!

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