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We Need to Talk: Having difficult conversations

Oct 25th
12:30 - 13:30
Impact Hub King's Cross

Now more than ever we need to be talking about the Big Scary Issues of our time, from climate change to economic inequality, to the revival of fascism. The future of our planet, our society, our economy, our world is too important to leave up to a select few to discuss behind closed doors.

But how can we involve more people (not just the usual suspects) in the conversation? What is the role of conversation in social change? And how can we have better, deeper and more courageous conversations about the things that are important to our collective future?

Bring along your lunch to this taster session from fellow Hubber, Susannah Raffe to learn about the importance of courageous conversation in tackling the Big Scary Issues, experience a different kind of conversation, and learn about how this can help you in the work you do and in your own life as an active citizen of the human race.

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