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We’re collecting donations for Euston Food Bank & how you can help…

Jul 19th
16:00 - 17:00
Impact Hub King's Cross

As part of our campaign to help reduce poverty under sustainable development goal number one, we are collecting donations for the Euston Food Bank.

The Euston food bank works with a range of local agencies who meet people at risk of going hungry. Citizens Advice, children’s centres and health visitors are just some of those who can refer people to the food bank by issuing them with a food bank voucher.

The Euston food bank accepts donations of all in date non-perishable foods + unopened toiletries.

This includes:
• Festive items, especially items involving chocolate
• Spreads – honey, jam, peanut butter 
• Juice (longlife – apple, orange etc) 
• Instant coffee, hot chocolate 
• Oil (sunflower, olive etc)
• Rice 
• Custard and rice pudding
• Toilet paper
• Shower gel and shampoo
• Deodorants
• Shaving cream
• Sanitary pads with wings
• Dishwashing liquid 
• Laundry tablets
• Pet food
If you want to donate something, we’ll be hosting a collection throughout the month. Donations will earn you an ice cream on the house! If you forget on the day, we’ll also be selling ice cream on a pay-as-you-feel basis. Be sure to join in!

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