Food and Drink Survey Launched!
12 February 2019 - Impact Hub London

Today the Impact Hub King’s Cross launched a major survey into the views, wants and needs of food and drink buyers.

Developed to support the development of our sector focus on food & drink, the survey will aim to establish the appetite for major food and drink buyers to integrate sustainable food and drink businesses into the supply chain.

Feeding the City, our early stage programme for sustainable food companies, has afforded us valuable insights and connections into the food sector. Building on this, we are creating a new programme that will support established companies to grow their impact, and challenge conglomerates by achieving scale.

As we design and build our programme structure and content we are keen to understand the motivators and the barriers for buyers so that the model we develop a model that works for everyone – buyers, suppliers and customers.


We will be developing strategy to support sustainable and socially conscious food and drink ventures that will:

  • Reduce environmental impact through the supply chain
  • Aim to reduce food waste radically
  • Aim to reduce packaging waste radically
  • Promote high animal welfare and restoration of nature
  • Make nutritious food and drink options accessible to low income families
  • Create employment for vulnerable or low skilled individuals
  • Help lift low income families out of food poverty
  • Tackle health challenges (ie. childhood obesity)
  • Increase education around healthier food options


Central to the ambitions of the programme and to the enterprises themselves will be the relationship with the buyers of their products and services.  As we design the programme structure and content we are keen to understand the motivators and the barriers for buyers so that we develop a model that works for all stakeholders.

The  survey will garner to views of a broad section of the food & drink sector include supermarkets, restaurateurs and contract caterers.

We will also be seeking to identify thought leaders in the sector who will work with us in future stages of our work to help break down the barriers and create innovative practical ways to help social and environmental businesses access supply chains to drive their growth.

The survey can be found here and we are keen to hear from buyers in the food and drink sector. Please feel free to respond directly and to share with relevant contacts. Fill in the survey by March 4th!