From Herder to High Fashion
23 November 2015 - Alessandro Palmieri

One of the Fashion Calendar’s Most Inspiring Panels Talks Sustainability, Social Impact & Geo-Relational Fashion

Tengri, the directional, prestige fashion brand fast challenging consumer behaviours and making significant impact on the luxury landscape, is launching a series of inspirational global talks kicking off with a London event this month. From ‘Herder to High Fashion’ will preview on the 25th November, addressing the vital issue of sustainability.

Featuring talks by pioneers and fashion revolutionaries, championing innovative solutions for sustainable and ethical fashion, ‘From Herder to High Fashion’ invites guests to meet industry vanguards who are challenging the status quo, enabling the creation of prestige fashion with a transparent supply chain.

Series One of ‘From Herder to High Fashion’ will celebrate its core movement where beautifully made products, crafted with integrity, help to protect biodiversity, wild animals and marginalised people living in rural and remote places.

Nancy Johnston, founder of Tengri, will reveal how the brand and collective launched a movement to change the wider fashion industry for the better. Tengri specialises in natural materials with a 100% ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly and transparent supply chain. The company operates as a premium fashion brand and social business, trading fairly with nomadic herders in Mongolia.

Championing the ethical sourcing of noble fibres from semi-wild yaks and comprising a technical design team at the forefront of cutting-edge textile development, Tengri will showcase key pieces from its ‘Warrior’ knitwear collection and Khangai Noble Yarn exhibition.  The show will take the viewer on a journey of the production of Tengri yak yarn, from its beginnings – the yaks on Mongolia’s vast steppes and landscapes where the fibre is sourced – to production in the UK and its sustainable, prestige fashion story.

Designed by Carlo Volpi, Tengri co-founder and in-house designer, Tengri’s debut ‘Warrior’ collection will be showcased alongside a preview of pieces from the label’s upcoming ‘Rider’ collection.

From Herder to High Fashion involves partnerships with the Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform (RESP), Ashoka, Interchange London, bookabeat and Impact Hub King’s Cross, and features panel discussions with col- lective members and designers, Bertie Bertinez, Katie Jones, Diane Goldie and Tengri brand ambassador and featured bookabeat artist, Miss Baby Sol. Costumer and visual artist Alex Noble and university partnerships with Central Saint Martins, Heriot-Watt and Bath Spa University will also form part of the series at a later date.

Eduardo Escobedo, Executive Director, RESP, said:

“Promoting the sustainable use of biodiversity through the traceable sourcing of high-quality raw materials like yak fibres provides an important opportunity for the luxury fashion industry to contribute to the conservation of key ecosystems such as the Mongolian grasslands. Through the fair and equitable sharing of benefits, long-term livelihood opportunities for local communities can be safe- guarded and communities empowered as the main custodians of their natural capital.”

This is a unique opportunity to hear one of the fashion calendar’s most inspiring panels explore sustainability, social impact and geo-relational fashion.

From Herder to High Fashion Series Calendar 2015-2016 dates to include:

  • 25 November:From Herder to High Fashion, London (Interchange Triangle) Book here19 December – From Herder to High Fashion: bookabeat introducing women in fashion, a Diane Goldie and Tengri collaboration, centred on originality, creativity, and social empowerment
  • 17-21 January – From Herder to High Fashion Series Press Event and Exhibition, Berlin
  • 1-5 February – From Herder to High Fashion Series Press Event and Exhibition, Zurich
  • February 2016 – From Herder to High Fashion Series, NYC
  • 23 February – Sustainability in the Supply Chain Sustainable sourcing practices to procure raw materials, presented by Impact Hub King’s Cross & Ashoka, London
  • March 2016 – From Herder to High Fashion Series Press Event and Exhibition, Los Angeles
  • March 2016 – From Herder to High Fashion Series Press Event and Exhibition, San Francisco
  • April 2016 – From Herder to High Fashion Series Press Event and Exhibition, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
  • June 2016 – Sustainability in the Supply Chain: Getting to know the in-between: Understanding the manufacturing and production stage of a complicated apparel supply chain, presented by Impact Hub King’s Cross and Ashoka, London
  • September 2016 – Sustainability in the Supply Chain: Conscious consumerism: Using our consumer purchasing power to create good, presented by Impact Hub King’s Cross and Ashoka, London
  • 17-25 September – Herder to High Fashion: Luxury Living, London Design Festival

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