Global Governance
19 October 2015 - Devi Clark

One of the challenges of growing a social enterprise internationally is to maintain your core values and bottom up control while also having coherence and order across the organisation. How do you minimise the risk to the quality and reputation of your brand as you make it available to others? How do you capture the views of the people you are trying to serve?

This webinar features two organisations that went through this very transition.
The Impact Hub is a network of 84 social enterprise support organisations (and growing) that started ten years ago with a single Hub in Islington, London. Alberto Masetti-Zannini is Development Director of Impact Hub and Director of Impact Hub Milan.
One is an international development and social justice web portal with centres in Africa, India, Italy, Indonesia and the US, among others which started 20 years ago in a small bungalow in a wood in Oxfordshire, UK. Anuradha Vittachi is the co-founder of OneWorld and was Director of its International Foundation for many years.
This wide ranging webinar covers:

  • What type of governance structure each organisation used and how they got there
  • The motivations and challenges of a flat organisational structure
  • How any structure can be hijacked, so communication and values are key to success
  • Why you should invest in good legal advice, and your time, energy early on
  • How change in your structure is inevitable and worthwhile
  • What funding mechanisms each organisation used and how they changed over time
  • Why assessing the quality of aspiring members of the network is so important
  • The need for open, face to face discussions to deal with issues before they get too hot to handle