Impact Hub Report 2014-2015
21 December 2015 - Alessandro Palmieri

A message from Richard Evans, Chairman of Impact Hub King’s Cross:

It’s a great pleasure to introduce our latest Impact Report in our 7th anniversary year at Impact Hub King’s Cross and the 10th anniversary of the Impact Hub network.

We have always believed that the key to a better future for our world depends on the collaborative efforts of inspired and passionate individuals and teams coming together to make great things happen.

Our member community continues to be an ongoing source of inspiration to us in this respect, and it is our pleasure and an honour to be able to support our members in their own journeys to develop and scale their businesses.

It is good to see in this report that, just like us, the vast majority of our members put impact before profit. However, we also understand that profit supports impact by making businesses self-sustaining.

That is why we continue to strive to inspire, connect and enable our members to scale their businesses. The report highlights that we can still do more, especially to provide more concrete enabling support, and this is the clear focus of our main programmes such as Benisi and the Impact Hub Scaling Programme. We look forward to developing more such programming in the future and building on the success of these initiatives.

Thanks to all our members, partners, friends and supporters for bringing us to this point – here’s to a thriving future and more impact to come!

Click to view and download the full report: Report_IHKX_7.