#HumansOfImpactHub: Jess Gold
7 July 2014 - Will Cardy

Jess Gold, an eco singer from Finchley, was a festival recycling volunteer when through a random conversation with the Head of Green Initiatives suddenly found her educational music videos being repeatedly viewed by thousands of festival goers on the Pyramid and Other main stages.


Eco singer Jess Gold was in an environmental auditors briefing with the Glastonbury Festival Head of Green Initiatives, Lucy Smith, when it occurred to her that her ‘Disposable’ song videos might be a useful tool for getting across the recycling message. Jess played them to Lucy who loved them immediately and said that she wanted to put them on the main stages between the headline concerts to help get the message out about the importance of reducing festival waste. The song was played around 20 times in total throughout the festival.


With the support of Barnet Council, Jess has just completed a concert tour of 16 Barnet primary schools with her Animated Earth Greener Transport Show. She entertained around 8000 children by singing about the joys of sustainable and active travel with the intention that they will be inspired to walk to school more often. Songs were taken from her new multi media resource for primary schools, Project Earth Rock that is being launched on Tuesday 14th October in Camden.


Singer/song-writer Jess Gold said:

“I had just finished my morning recycling shift and was walking past the Other Stage when I heard the strains of my own voice floating over the heads of thousands of revellers. It was the most surreal moment of my life to date; my Disposable Karaoke video was being broadcast on two massive screens following the Kaiser Chiefs. It’s really exciting because I know that there is a demand for our music from schools but I also think that there is an adult market that we haven’t yet had time to reach out to. This Glastonbury experience has proved that with the right help, our music can inspire adults and children to lead more sustainable lives.”