We catalyse entrepreneurial action for a better world.

Since 2007, Impact Hub King’s Cross has brought together a diverse group of like-minded and passionate people. We have built a community around bringing about positive social and environmental change, helping social entrepreneurs make an impact.

We know that solutions come in different shapes and sizes: coworking space, inspiring events, business support, meeting and event space, an online platform. A flexible, tailored mix of these solutions, combined with our locally rooted, global community, is how we enable growth in our members.



We’re like one big family. We believe in helping each other out and in collaboration. And even though we might not always agree, we promise to be there for each other when it matters most.


We are not afraid to take considered risks. Of saying no, tough choices, or difficult conversations. Yes we feel the fear, but we do it anyway!


We are hungry for better. A better world, a better society, and a better way of doing business. We refuse to settle, and are always searching for better solutions with optimistic curiosity.


We are curious, creative and prepared to try new things. Even if that means stepping outside our comfort zone or going the extra mile. When something matters, we refuse to give up.


Our doors are open to everyone. But more than that, we embrace truth. We learn from failure and encourage feedback, even when it’s difficult to hear. After all, we’re all in this together. 


We’re human. We have challenges and bad days. That’s why we practice empathy, flexibility and understanding so that our space is a place where everyone can bring their whole self to work. 


Impact Hub King’s Cross is made up of two separate but linked organisations:


The Hub King’s Cross Limited

Our for-profit asset-locked company (limited by shares).

Founded in 2007, it holds the lease for 34b York Way and is that it is a member of the Impact Hub Global Association.

This means that we share the same intentions as the Global Company. Namely, to inspire, connect and enable people to take entrepreneurial action in order to pioneer a just and sustainable world where business and profit are used in service of people and planet’.

In practice, this translates to our support for the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) through our activities. We also reflect this intent in our governance.

Impact Hub King’s Cross Programmes CIC:

Our Community Interest Company (CIC) is limited by guarantee.

This was set up to focus on social inclusion, primarily by grant-funded programmes. These programmes are designed to inspire, encourage and enable members of underserved communities to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey and contribute to the social economy. In doing this, we benefit from and leverage the knowledge and resources of the Impact Hub Global Association and The Hub King’s Cross Limited. 

Impact Hub King’s Cross CIC has its own board of directors. Shareholders of The Hub King’s Cross Limited are not permitted to serve.

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